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Work-Life Balance for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurship is a significant catalyst for economic progress. Women actively contribute to employment generation and can render unique business strategies that help in the evolution of society. However, even when women leadership is an established fact, businesses across sectors have only a fraction of women leaders.

Encouraging women entrepreneurship at the grass root level is the need of the hour. Most of the time, it’s the lack of expertise in maintaining a work-life balance that deters them from rising to leadership roles. It is imperative that women learn to adopt a work-life balance. But it’s easier said than done.

For entrepreneurs, life almost revolves around work. Their business controls their complete agenda, even on weekends. This issue is more or less universal; a survey found out that CEOs, on an average, worked 9.7 hours per weekday and conducted business on 79% of their weekend days. They put in an average 3.9 hours each weekend day and worked on 70% of their vacation days, averaging 2.4 hours daily. Apparently non-stop, right?

If you are a women entrepreneur and this is the pattern of your life, you need to fix it, immediately! Change the structure of your life, entirely if you need to. Need a bit of motivation to keep going when the going gets tough? Let’s create a master plan to balance your personal life with your professional life.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The goal is to reduce your stress, execute your business with greater efficiency and do more of the things you love. People assume that being an entrepreneur affords you a plethora of freedom. But you know that’s not the case; Even when you are making own decisions, your dedication to work can quickly turn into a 24/7 grind.


You need to plan your day in advance. It’s the key to accomplish a balance between work and family. Schedule your working hours and lead your team to follow timelines. For example, keep a fixed time period for client calls. In this way, you can avoid being on the phone with your clients throughout the day. Also, fix a time to spend at home and avoid all kinds of professional work during that time.

Set Personal Goals:

Never postpone your personal goals. Giving priority to professional goals all the time ultimately results in stress and frustration. Take that long –awaited vacation or go to an art and craft workshop with your kid; Plan a picnic with your friends or go on a long ride with your partner. Whatever it is, stop shelving your personal plans. Understand that these unfulfilled personal goals will eventually show on your business and affect your professional life.

Be realistic and delegate your work:

Be it personal or professional, delegate your responsibilities. At work, you need to find out if an activity could be done by someone else; if yes, delegate that work. Likewise, at home, get the help of a maid if necessary. You should learn to say ‘No’, if you do not wish to do something or cannot do it. Time is limited, and you shouldn’t try to please everyone by taking up more work than you could afford. As you business grows, expand your workforce, rather than expanding your stress levels. Doing everything your stress levels. Doing everything by you on every occasion is not humanly possible. Thus, it is vital to be realistic in your plans, in what you should do and what you could get others to do.

Work from home, if possible:

If you could work from home and manage your business efficiently, go for it. This would help you pay attention to your family and run your business, at the same time. However, you should be aware of the cons of working from home. Drawing a line between your work and family becomes critical in this case. You must fully realise when to get out of work mode and get into family mode. Also, make sure that working from home is not reducing your professionalism.

Discuss your issues with your family:

One of the most important factors for success, yet one of the most ignored matters, is family support. To have a supportive family to back you and your dreams is very important for women entrepreneurs. If you feel that you could do with more support at home, discuss it openly with your family. Most of the time, you could sort things out in a better manner by voicing your opinion than by keeping quiet. Women don’t need to compromise their family to be successful entrepreneurs. You could have a perfect personal and professional life by simply planning. But sometimes, it’s difficult to pin down the mantras for a perfect work-life balance. You might need several trial and error processes to learn that magic. However, you eventually will crack that code for sure.

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