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Why Do People Prefer Singapore for Studies?

A large number of students from Gujarat and all over India prefer to study in Singapore. There are many reasons. It is developed country in Asia and its currency is the Dollar. It is one of the most favorite tourist and shopping destinations in the world and is a global business hub. Its harbor port and airport are ranked number one in Asia. People of Singapore are well-known for their honesty and cleanliness.

Any other specific reason for higher studies here?

Generally, one needs to pass 10+2 and clear IELTS/TOFEL exams to pursue higher studies in most of the countries. But you can go to Singapore even after completing only the 10th grade. Student visas are easily available. Compared to other countries, Singapore is less expensive for higher studies.

What are the courses available in Singapore?

Singapore offers a variety of courses, from diploma to master’s degree. Being a tourist destination, Singapore offers many attractive courses related to the tourism industry and hotel management. In addition to that, all the branches of medical and engineering can be studied here. Many courses in business management, accounting and financial management, logistics, Management, architecture, fashion designing and film production are also available.

How is the study pattern in Singapore different from India?

In India, a degree can be achieved after 10+2+3, while Singapore; a one-year diploma can be achieved after 10th grade, after which a one year higher/advanced diploma, bachelor degree at the end of the third year and master’s degree at the end of the fourth year.

After studying in Singapore, it is easier to go to the other countries?

Yes. Usually, for pursuing master’s degree in medical or engineering in USA one needs to complete 10+2+4 in India. Only then can one get admission in the USA. After completing, B.Sc. or BBA (10+2+3) in India, one cannot get an admission for master degree directly in countries like the USA. But students having such degrees can complete a one-year PG diploma and can then easily go to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries to pursue a master’s degree.

After leaving graduation half way in India, can you study further in Singapore?

If a student wishes to go abroad, leaving his graduation half way in India, she/he cannot get a student visa to most of the countries even after passing the IELTS exam. Instead, such a student can get admission in Singapore. Moreover, he can get credit according to his Subjects and the years he has completed for the study. He can also get admission to the next level of the course.

What about stay and food in Singapore?

Being an Asian country, the culture of Singapore is quite similar to that of India. Out of the total population of Singapore, almost 30% people are Indians. Also, the Gujarati community is in large number and the Gujarati Samaaj is there too. Gujarati students will feel at home in Singapore!

Is Singapore ideal to stay for a long time?

The distance between India and Singapore is only 6 hours. There is only a two and half hour time difference between both the countries. So, it is an ideal country for a longer period of studies.

What are the future prospects in Singapore?

The process of getting a work permit can be done after completing the graduation. Then one can apply for a Permanent Resident (PR). Students cannot work while studying but can get opportunities for a paid internship while studying in some of the tourism-related courses.

Need guidance for studies in Singapore?

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How does Swift Solution help you?

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