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Top 10 Best Traits of Successful Women Entrepreneurs You Must Have Today

In the patriarchal society that we live in women across the world are making inroads into the male-dominated the land of entrepreneurship. Overcoming plenty of obstacles right from inequality, unequal to carve out a slice of the pie for themselves. Consider women like Savitri Jindal, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and Smita Godrej who have not only risen to the top but have done it gloriously.

Does that mean, only they can through the glass, well not really? You can be a part of that women entrepreneur brigade too. You can achieve greatness; only you can crack open the chest that holds this priceless commodity for you. Most successful women entrepreneurs exhibit these traits. They are a part of who she is, are they are part of your character?


The most crucial quality every successful woman entrepreneur possesses is self-belief. She believes in her efforts and whatever she does. If you don’t believe, then the road may not lead to success like you want it. Read business magazines, the speeches of successful women and you will find one thing in common-they have this firm belief that they are born to be successful. They see themselves as successful women right from childhood and are problem solvers indeed. Mary Kay Cash of Mary Kay Cosmetics says, “If you believe you can, then you definitely can; but if you believe you cannot then you really cannot. “Start believing in yourself today!

Faith is the guiding force:

Most successful women entrepreneurs, who believe in destiny and their abilities, also have faith in themselves. Faith is something that helps you move forward and take risks when needed for your business to grow. Who says reaching the top is easy? Climbing to the top requires you have faith in your abilities to reach the top. Have faith!

Passion: They do what they love to do

Successful women entrepreneurs are passionate, and they do not settle for something they don’t like, and neither should you. Build a business around your passion, something you will love doing no matter how hard the road to achieving your goal becomes. Debbi Fields, for example, loved baking and she crafted her business around it. Oprah Winfrey loved addressing the masses and is a powerful speaker. If you pursue something, do so with passion!

A thirst to learn more:

There is no end to the knowledge you can have and learning when it comes to entrepreneurship. As things change constantly from time to time you must have a thirst to learn more and update your knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs are humble, they continuously study, are not afraid to learn new things. You cannot become complacent and rest on your laurels when you have a business to run. Explore your field of business every day. Successful women entrepreneurs are avid readers whether is it is books, magazines, and journals. Updating regularly is a habit, unlike a need. Learn some more!

Smartly handle criticism every successful person was disparaged at some point in time in their journey, more so women. Most entrepreneurs are successful because they have learnt to take the criticism constructively and worked to turn that trait into an asset and move forward. Whether you emulate the likes of Rachael Ray, Oprah Winfrey or Indra Nooyi, they have been disapproved at some point, in their lives. Your success will be limited if you take criticism seriously. There are no limits to success unless you limit it yourself!

Persistence is key:

Tenacity is a trait most successful women entrepreneurs possess. Starting a business is not rocket science, however maintaining it and building it up are challenges you must face in your entrepreneurial journey. You must learn to persevere and hold on no matter what situation or how tough it is. Though there will be times when you may believe giving up is the best. However, persistence and determination are key to your success allowing you to lead and fight until the end. Without persistence, achieving success is not as easy as eating pie.

Dream Big:

They say, if you aim for the sky, you are bound to get it. Successful women entrepreneurs dream big and think high. Dream of achieving big in live and envision a different lifestyle for yourself. Envision an extraordinary life for yourself. No dreaming would mean settling with what the world has given you. Dream Big and go after the goal to make sure you achieve it completely.

Give up your comfort zone:

Successful women entrepreneurs move beyond their comfort zone. Living in your comfort zone is not a crime. It helps you manage the three foods, clothes and shelter that you seek. But does it let you shine, not really? Successful women entrepreneurs are ready to give up the comfortable and embrace the new. Only when you walk the extra miles, would you be successful and rich? The path less trodden makes the hitchhiker, tough and the first one to conquer it. Step out of your comfort zone.

Work-life Balance:

You are mother, sisters, wife and a woman who has straddled both the home and your work successfully before. Now it’s time to do it with your business as well. Successful women entrepreneurs can balance their professional and personal life. Handing her business responsibility and family commitments may not be easy but most women entrepreneurs do it. Focusing on any one part of life can mean worse consequences later. Work is not life, be a part of life. So, work to maintain a healthy work-life balance through time management, a delegation of tasks. Ideal work-life balance.

Be purposeful:

With determination, you must have a sense of purpose in life. A life without a goal is like a ship without radar. Having a strong purpose in your business works to add support and helps to keep you going when the chips are down literally. Stay positive and work towards your purpose no matter how adverse the situation is. Without purpose, will your business grow? Well, think over it. Successful women entrepreneurs are confident and positive all the time. A positive attitude backed with self-belief, faith, perseverance and confidence can drive you forward towards your goal. Don’t wait to start your entrepreneur’s journey. Start it today!

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