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Take Your Kid’s Fitness to the Next Level with These Top Tips

Build a Den:

Whether it’s a games room with a few bits of gym kit for your teen, or an outdoor tree house for your toddler, dens are a great way to encourage activity. Set some time aside in the holidays to build a den together- picking out equipment that’s right for the space. Toddlers will be encouraged to climb and play actively and teens will be encouraged to work out. Smart.

Do an Event:

Sign up for a challenge together, such as working towards a fun run, charity walk, junior park run, or even a junior triathlon. There are events nationwide that offer adult, family and child races-train together and you’ll both be amazed by your achievements.

Find a Family GYM:

From the creche to the gym floor, and everything in between, many big chain gyms offer services for families. Your child will get to hone a host of skills, such as swimming, moving functionally, socializing and lifting, and you get to work out too. Win-win for all!

Join a Club:

Support your kids in their endeavour to hone specific skills. Gymnastics, tennis, yoga, dancing, rugby cubs, swimming, outdoor survival skills-there are plenty of sports and activity clubs up and down the country that cater for kids of all ages. Look for weekend clubs and after-school activities to ensure they get regular exercise.

Schedule Screen Time:

Limit the amount of time your kids spend looking at a screen and they will look for other ways to entertain themselves. Create a screen-time schedule in which all screened devices are only to be at certain times of the day, such as after dinner. Do this and you might find that your child starts playing active games more regularly!

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