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Rain Barrels Help Make Your Garden Green

Gardening, for many homeowners, is one of the joys of having one’s own home. Whether it is a flower garden, butterfly or bird garden, or a kitchen vegetable garden, many of us get immense joy out of getting our hands dirty and working with the earth. Pretty much no matter where one lives, however, watering the garden is necessary to keeping it green and lush. Water is often seen as a limitless source and is thus used with abandon, without consideration for the fact that it is, in fact, a finite resource.

This is not an uncommon behavior for humans to have. When a resource seems limitless, we are not likely to take care in our use of it, seeing it as inexhaustible. It is often only when the resource begins to become scare that conservation measures begin to be used. Droughts, however, have been a common part of human society for millennia, as has gardening. In areas where water is scarce, rainwater is collected in a variety of receptacles and saved for use in the garden when water is less easy to come by.

The practice of collecting rainwater for use in the garden is not a new one, and it is also not a practice that should be limited to areas where water is scarce. For all of us, water is a vital but finite resource that should be used sparingly so that we ensure that there are adequate supplies for generations to come. Affluent areas are not immune from drought either and learning practices that conserve water are not only logical but they are cost effective as well.

Many have begun to use rain barrels in Western nations to water their garden, as opposed to wasting potable water that could be used for cooking and drinking on plants. The concept of a rain barrel is very simple. A large barrel is placed under the drain spout of your home, a fine mesh grate is placed over the top to keep debris out of the water, and a spigot is installed to make for easy access of the water. It is a very simple concept, but it can save a significant amount of water, while still allowing us to enjoy the joys of gardening.

Rain barrels can be purchased remade or they can be made oneself with just a few simple tools. This is a great way to go green in your garden, while keeping your garden green. The initial cost is pretty low and the savings in terms of potable drinking water can be very significant.

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