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Keyword Research Strategies | Keyword Research Tools

Keywords: An Overview

Keywords are the actual words that people type into Google when their looking for something. Your goal when doing keyword research is to think like the consumer. You want to know exactly what people are typing in that search engine when looking for specific things. For example, let’s say you own a hair salon and are trying to promote your business. You want to see exactly what words people search when looking to get their hair done. There are a number of tools that can help you do this, which I go more in depth about in the section below. Once you establish your keywords, you want to build your website around these words. Your keywords need to be incorporated into as much of your website as you can possibly do. Headlines, titles, URL, Meta data, headers, etc. This is how Google links people searching to get their hair done, with you and your hair salon. Can you see how important keywords are now?


The first part of good SEO research is to break your website down. Go through your website and group similar products/services together. For example, TESLA specializes in a few different things. If I was marketing for TESLA I would do research on their website first. See how it’s broken down by product/service. I would then make a list of “topics” that I want to target. Ex- Solar Roofs, Electric Cars and Solar Panels, would be three separate topics. I would then search for three sets of keywords, one for each topic. These don’t have to be “for sure” words; right now we are just getting ideas.


Google Keyword Planner- This is a free tool right on Google. All you have to do is type your product/service in and Keyword Planner will give you the top “keywords” related to that product/service. They show you how many times the word was searched and also how much traffic they predict for the future. They also give new ad group ideas. This helps you plan against your competitors.

This is, in a sense, what most keyword tools offer. Some have more expanded and in depth features. I would personally recommend Google Keyword Planner. It’s user friendly and great for people just starting out!

SEMrush- This is similar to Keyword Planner. This tool can show you who your competition is. This site is free but if you want to track your keywords, there is a fee.

MOZ- This is a good site for beginners. You get X amount of searches a day and the content is laid out in an easy-to-read format.

KWFinder- This is just like the above tools and just offers more in depth options.

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