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Importance of Social Media Marketing In Local SEO

Everyone is concerned about SEO or search engine optimization these days, yet few people are actually doing something to increase their rank in the major search directories. No doubt you aware of the growing presence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but you may not know how well they can work for local business. These sites are rapidly becoming a major force when it comes to online marketing, and now is the time to jump on this train and ride it out.

The Price is Right:

One of the most important reasons to have a business Facebook page is the price and thinks about this.

  • No start up costs
  • If you want to advertise, it is reasonable
  • Advertising is targeted
  • Targeted visitors are your best chance for new clients or customers

Starting Small:

Think about all the people you know that are tweeting and keeping in contact with friends and relatives through Facebook photos, videos, and messages. Now see yourself in there with your local promotions. It starts with asking people to “like” your page or posts, and you can ask everyone you know to Tweet the good things about your business.

Starting Simple:

Starting out simple is just the tip of the iceberg for this kind of marketing. If you are thinking about your next promotion, a video presentation on YouTube is a great place to start. Perhaps you know how to be creative with video. Start by sharing with customers and friends, and pass it on to everyone you can. This is how videos go viral.


Once you get a presentation to go “viral” you can have thousands and perhaps millions of hits within a short amount of time. That kind of exposure from a world renowned PR firm would cost you far more than you could afford. Who needs social media for today’s marketing? Just about everyone that wants to succeed.

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