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Here are some of my tips to inspire you to keep going with your exercise plan

Don’t beat yourself up:

If you fail one day, or your motivation hits rock bottom for a week, don’t be hard on yourself. So you didn’t move today. Move lots tomorrow! Get over it. Smile. Move on. We will never always get it right, but you’re on the right track if you aim to do the right thing. And make the right choices, most of the time.

Exercise outdoors:

There is beauty in every season, and nothing is more uplifting than exercising outdoors on a lovely day. So when the weather pulls it out of the bag, try to do the same! Do your daily workout under a blue sky in the garden; take yourself out for a brisk walk crunching through autumn leaves, or get a welcome blast of salty sea air as you ride your bike along the promenade.

Try new classes:

Supplement the exercise plan in this book with a class you enjoy, such as yoga or dancing. Don’t get stuck as yoga or dancing. Don’t get stuck in a routine works for some of us, but others thrive when they throw new ways of exercising into the mix.

Think about the kids:

You’d like the energy and stamina to play with your kids: to run and climb and cycle with them; to hold them up and twirl them around; to disco dance and chase. You want to be a role model, with your positive body image and good health. You need to be fit and strong to be able to do this.

Eyes on the prize:

Treat yourself to a hot bath, followed by lovely body oil, as a reward for a good workout. Reward yourself with some new kit when you achieve a particular goal. Or take yourself to a spa for a day when you find you can fit into your per-pregnancy jeans, and have some ‘me time’ to swim and pamper yourself.

This is about YOU:

The greatest reward for your hard work will be finding your best self. She ¡s inside you, waiting to come out and shine. She ¡s fit, healthy, slim and confident. Her body works as it should, she ¡s got energy and stamina. She loves herself. Want some of that? Well, keep going, then! Keep that person you want to be at the front of your mind always – help her to emerge in every way you can. You will amaze yourself!

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