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Discover the Wonderful City of Florence

Tuscany is the indisputable heart of Italy and is well known throughout the world for its wonderful art history, its distinctive cuisine and its incredible scenery. People travel from all over the world to marvel at the Renaissance architecture, witness the stunning changing light over the rolling hills, and indulge in some of the simplest, yet most delicious gastronomy. Historically, this area has attracted many a famous poet, sculptor and artist who were captivated by its stunning beauty and charm; today the region is no different, retaining its allure and drawing visitors from all over the world.

If you want to explore this region at your leisure, discovering the beautiful hilltop towns and magnificent cities by day and luxuriating in the Tuscan sunsets in the evenings, opt to stay in one of the many rental villas in Tuscany. Reputable companies offer rental villas in Tuscany located in various towns and villages throughout the region. All are serviced to an impeccable standard and provide all the modern amenities and added extra luxuries you would expect from your holiday dream home.

Many of the villas in Tuscany available to rent were originally the private homes of Italian aristocracy and wealthy families. The long winding driveways, elegant entrance gates and signs of family history are often still very evident. Many villas have now had swimming pools added, along with other more modern conveniences. While the villas in Tuscany that are available to rent are more understated than the grand Medici homes of Florence and Lucca, they are no less authentic or special.

The Capital City:

Florence is the famous capital city of this gorgeous region. Close to the other main cities of Siena, Pisa and Lucca it makes an ideal base for exploring the area. The city itself is fantastic for walking, with so much to see even without entering a museum. Everywhere you look there is something new to catch your eye; a legacy left from the glorious Renaissance age or a remnant of a more turbulent time when the Romans inhabited the city.

The museums and galleries of Florence are world famous for their exhibitions and are definitely worth a visit. The Uffizi Galleries house one of the most prestigious collections of art in the world, while the Academia Museum is home to the magnificent statue of David. Florence has many replicas of this statue but there is nothing that comes close to witnessing the real thing, which is a simply breathtaking piece of art.

Climb to the top of the dome in the cathedral and get really close to the fresco that adorns it; or why not climb the bell tower for some amazing panoramic views over the city and the surrounding hills? Make sure you wander into some of the city’s churches, such as Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella, which have been decorated with more of the Renaissance art so adored in its day.

The city buzzes with local life and flavor and is an easy place to feel right at home in. Join the locals for their long lunches dining on simple pasta dishes and drinking wonderful wines. Indulge in an appetite before dinner and make one of the most important Italian gastronomic rituals a part of your every day. To finish the day, wander along to the Ponte Vechhio, the bridge that occupies the oldest street in Florence, and marvel at the exclusive jewellery displays in every window.

Villas in Tuscany are easy to find and there is an abundance of choice. No matter where you decide to stay you can be sure this form of accommodation will give you the chance to have a wonderful and very memorable holiday.

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