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Basic 5 Simple Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Any business who wishes to climb the search engine ladder, making it to page one, search engine optimization is one powerful method of helping reach that goal. For the beginner, strategic use of keywords will help provide the fuel your site needs to boost your search engine rankings. For brave souls who want to evolve to the next level, roll up your sleeves because it becomes a bit more complicated.

The most valuable formula for SEO is making sure your site is search engine friendly. Then its just a matter of continuous tweaking, time and patience, and making your good site better.

Simply Follow this Formula for Starters:

Design your site to please
develop enticing content
be smart about where to place the right words
Place the site on radar
Update your content consistently and frequently

  1. Many site owners want all the bells and whistles, yet it can interfere with functionality. In the modern world, everyone uses graphics but it must be driven by a purpose. Sure, if you’re the Modern Museum of Art, it goes without saying what the user expects.

Graphics should go only so far; in other words, when using graphics ask yourself, why it exists on your site and how is it being used. More importantly, does it need to be used? Search engines may find it difficult for their spiders to crawl your site. Sites with too many graphics and complex coding prevent the spiders from reading your website and this will be detrimental to your ranking.

  1. Next, take a look at your keywords; when writing content for your site, make sure to include your most important keywords in the content. Include at least one of your keywords in every title, headline and each paragraph. Adding keywords to your content may seem like a no-brainier, but maximizing your keyword density without making your writing sound ridiculous is a balancing act.
  2. Take every opportunity to insert keywords in your site, including the page description, title tags and site description. Title and page title tags allow the visitor to see a description on their browser page. Not only will this help with your search engine rankings, but it helps brand your site and remind visitors what your site is about. The site description is important because search engines add this 250-character description on their directories. The more relevant your description is, the better opportunity you have to move up in the page rankings.
  3. Individuals who believe, if you build it, they will come, are mistaken. By submitting your site to the search engines, you basically are sending an invitation for the spiders to review your site, and add to their directories. Once your site is included in the search engine directory, whenever potential visitor’s type in a keyword the search engine will list you somewhere within their pages.
  4. Everyone’s site benefits from engaging, well-written content; but you must sustain the interest of visitors. Provide updated information that users are searching for. If your site is just sitting there, day after day, with the same outdated content, there will be no reason to re-visit your site.

So the magic bullet of search engine optimization is comprised of several elements, all working together to bring value to the user. Review your site regularly, and when in doubt, go back to the basics and renew.

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