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5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

Express yourself:

Love is an expressive sentiment, the more you express, the more understanding you will build between each other. Don’t wait for important occasions to make him/her feel special. Shower him/her with love and affection on a daily basis. Make it a point to talk to each other for about five-ten minutes after the day is done, send out a couple of casual messages to ensure a strong and healthy bond between the two of you.

Motivate Your Partner:

It is important you enjoy every moment of the time you get to spend with each other, and treasure every little memory you get to make. Encourage and motivate your partner in whatever he/she puts up on the plate for you, take him/her out on a romantic date, consciously engage more often in activities that you once loved doing together, do more things as a couple that will help bring back the charm and freshness in your love.

Lower Your Expectations:

When you keep your expectations aside, is also the time your love will blossom. Expecting too much from each other creates a situation where you are constantly seeking more and it the starting point of all problems.

Give your Partner the Luxury of space and time:

You will be in a secure space with your partner only when you give your partner a certain amount of time and space. Nurture your love with time, love and affection. Give him/her that space and let him be the way he/she wants to be. You will definitely see the difference.

Learn to let go:

Always maintain the freshness and the essence of your love. Sort things out and let go of certain trivial issues. Avoid overpraising every action, and consciously keep yourself away from comparing your partner with someone else. It is important you understand and complement each other rather than being critical of each other’s thoughts and actions.

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