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12 Hobbies That are Good for Your Body, Mind and Social Life

There are many reasons to take up a new hobby. You can learn practical skills, meet new people and even keep your brain healthy. Having a constructive hobby is also a pleasant way to overcome steers and boredom. The following 12 hobbies are all good for you in multiple ways.


Whether you start a garden in your backyard or at a community garden, you will find that this is a healthy and fulfilling activity. You get to spend time outdoors as you watch seeds transforms into plants and flowers. If you plant vegetables or herbs, you will have a new source of nutritious produce. If you have limited space, not much time and no community garden nearby, you can still plant a mini-garden right in your apartment.


Geocaching, a type of treasure hunting where you search for clues to find hidden items, has a variety of benefits. It is the perfect way for adults to relive the fun of childood games and puzzles. When you geocache, you involve both your mind and body, making it a nice alternative to staring at electronic devices all day. As you hunt for hidden treasures, you get fresh air and exercise. It is also a social activity where you join with others to strategize.


No matter how much or little you know about food and cooking, there is always more to learn. You might specialize in a particular type of cuisine such as Italian or Mexican. If you or your family has a sweet tooth, you could turn your attention to baking. Or perhaps you have always dreamed of becoming a master grilles. There is a wealth of resources on how to prepare all types of dishes. Taking a cooking class is also an excellent way to get inspired.


It is never too late to take up a musical instrument. There is a research that music stimulates parts of your brain so it may even make you smarter! Another approach that doesn’t require buying an instrument is to take up singing. You could start with karaoke nights and open mikes.


Knitting, needlework, cross-stitching and other types of crafting are ancient practices that many modern people are rediscovering. Creating your clothing, quilts, blankets or items is useful as well as meditative. You may even be able to sell your finished products. At least, you can use them as gifts. You can learn from books, videos or live classes; perhaps there are craftspeople in your family who can give you pointers.


Walking in nature is always a relaxing way to get exercise. You can make your outdoor treks even more interesting by foraging for local herbs, berries or mushrooms. However, start by talking a class or hiring a guide, as experimenting on your own can be dangerous (e.g. many berries and mushrooms are toxic). Foraging will get you more familiar with your local environment and will give you delicious ingredients to use when you cook.


Most kids go through a phase when they are fascinated with learning magic hicks. There is no reason you can’t take up this creative hobby as an adult. Performing magic takes physical dexterity as well as social skills as you engage the audience and lure them in. you can start learning card tricks, sleight of hand and other illusions by watching YouTube videos or getting books, Watch great magicians and attend any local performances. You could become an amateur magician yourself and perfomr for friends or at local venues.

Learning a Language:

Learning a language keeps your brain active and expands your world. You can read and understand all kinds of new information and talk to people in other countries. There are lots of useful apps that make the process easier. Choose a language that you studied in the past, that is spoken in a place you want to visit or has always held a fascination for you.

Strategy games:

Games such as chess, bridge, poker and others help you think strategically. As your skills improve, you may want to enter tournaments. Whether you learn a game for the time or take up one you enjoyed in the past, you can exercise your brain and meet new people as you improve your skills. You could, of course, take up online gaming. However, if you are looking for fun offline activities, why not take up a game that you can play in person?


Scrapbooking is a creative and highly personal hobby that you can approach in many ways. You can put together items related to your family history, travles, pets or the plants and wildlife you encounter. There are also specialized scrapbooks where you search for specific types or items such as old photos (or new digital ones), feathers, matchbooks, ticket stubs, or anything you like. You can also combine scrapbooking with journaling as you jot down your thoughts as you add to your scrapbook.


Dancing is as old as civilization and still a fun way to exercise, socialize and appreciate music. There are so many styles to choose from, whether you prefer ballroo, ballet, jazz, Indian classical or another form. Many cities also have freestyle dance classes where you can move as you please. Take a class, visit a club that has dance nights or attend a Meet Up and have fun as you get fitter and improve your sense or rhythm.


Are you curious about your family history? Studying genealogy can provide some fascinating insights into your roots. Not only will you discover more about your own family but you will uncover all kinds of historical tid-bits as well. You may also find relatives in far-away places (or even in your city) that you never knew existed. Various websites make it easy to get started.

There are some suggestions for activities that will keep you busy and learn new skills. Creative hobbies let you optimize your free time. Don’t worry if, at first, you find you new hobby somewhat challenging or confusing. Ask for advice from more experienced practitioners and before you know it, you will be the one who people come to for guidance.

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